Exciting news from the  Masse  family!

We are excited to be going back to China to bring home our precious new daughter Tessa who is 2.5 years old and lives in the Jiangxi province. You can follow our journey on our blog: www.masseadoption.blogspot.com, and if you feel led to help, visit our You Caring page at https://www.youcaring.com/masse-family-453671.

Our family has been approved to participate in a Both Hands project which we hope to do in the month of September. If you are not familiar with Both Hands, please visit their website – it’s exciting to see how God can use each one of us in the lives of orphans and widows!! https://www.youcaring.com/masse-family-453671

Be sure to visit our page on Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America, and, please be in prayer for the following:

Jim Renihan ~ Escondido, California – Coordinator

This week from the ARBCA August Missionary Prayer Focus:

28. Allen Beardmore requests prayer for those in the church plant in Perth, NZ who are seeking jobs. There are two women currently seeking employment as well as the unconverted husband of one of these women. Also, one of our men has experienced a series of cutbacks in his company and although he still has a job he is concerned that he might be laid off.

29. Matthew Brennan in Ireland requests prayer for the preparations for the autumn program.

30. Please ask the Lord to open doors for the gospel as Chaplain Galyon ministers to the men and women in uniform, and for him to be an encouragement to people of faith serving in the military.

31. Pray for the first Sunday Morning service to be held on September 4th for the church plant in San Tan Valley, AZ. Pastor John Giarrizzo from Grace Covenant will be bringing the word. May it be a blessing and a memorial to all who attend.



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