ARBCA Missionary Prayer Focus…Week of March 15…

Please be in special prayer this week…

From the ARBCA MPF March 2015

Sunday, March 15th

Please pray for the Joyner family to be fully prepared to leave along with the changing of close relationships, leaving behind the comforts of home they have been accustomed to and entering into temporary housing until they find a more permanent location…as well as the actual driving of three (old) vehicles to Texas.

Monday, March 16th

Please pray for “la maison de l’Evangile” Church (The Gospel House) in Mulhouse, France. Mulhouse sits in a triangular region called Alsace, along the Rhine River and borders Switzerland and Germany. This is where Oliviér and Denise Favré have moved to help this struggling church.

Tuesday, March 17th

Oscar Bloise requests prayer for Pauline Baptist Church in Kingston, Jamaica. Please pray for two ladies who have heard the Gospel being preached for many years but who have not come to salvation through Christ.

Wednesday, March 18th

Raymond Perron requests prayer for the church in Quebec City as they undertake the process of establishing new officers. They have potential candidates for elders and deacons.

Thursday, March 19th

Jim Renihan requests prayer for the IRBS graduating seniors as they seek the Lord’s will for a place of service.

Friday, March 20th

Please pray for Chaplain Galyon in regard to impending decisions related to his military career.

Saturday, March 21st

Stan Line requests prayer for Pastor Augusto Ramírez, now well into his second year as pastor of the La Alborada church in Bogotá. He is working hard to improve and promote the different aspects of church life.


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