ARBCA Missionary Prayer Focus…Week of March 8th…

Please be in special prayer this week…

From the ARBCA MPF March 2015

Sunday March 8th:

Dafydd Hughes requests prayer for two couples who have expressed an interest in joining the church in Palmerston North, NZ and who are working through membership material.

Monday March 9th:

Oscar Bloise requests prayer for Grace Reformed Church in Kingston, Jamaica that the Word preached will open the eyes and hearts of those who hear to come to salvation through Christ.

Tuesday March 10th:

Please pray for Raymond Perron as he just started a new series of teaching on the book of Genesis on their radio station. Pray that God will use it to bring people to Himself

Wednesday March 11th:

Please continue to pray that the Lord would grant Jonathan Galyon faith and repentance. He has become very interested in Bible study recently, and has been discussing things about God more often and more thoughtfully. Thank you for praying for him.

Thursday March 12th:

A year ago 3 people left Église réformée baptiste de Montréal but have now come back. Daniel Durand requests prayer for stability in their lives.

Friday March 13th:

Please pray for the strength, organizational wisdom, and diligence Chaplain Joyner and his family need to move from North Carolina to Texas.

Saturday March 14th:

Stan Line requests prayer for the wedding of Frank Rodríguez and Carolina Fontalvo. Frank is the youth group leader in the La Alborada church in Bogotá.

Joel Favre, the intern at the church plant in Aix-en-Provence, will be preaching on March 15 in the Reformed Baptist Church in Grenoble, which is still without a pastor. Please pray for God’s blessing upon Joel’s ministry there. Pray also for the 3 ongoing evangelistic bible studies that the church in Grenoble is conducting. Each of these studies has a few non-believers attending and the response has been encouraging. Pray that the Lord would bring men and women to conversion in each of the studies.

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