ARBCA Missionary Prayer Focus…Week of March 1st…

Please be in special prayer this week…

From the ARBCA MPF March 2015

Sunday, March 1st:

Please pray for Allen & Katie Beardmore as they prepare to leave for Australia as ARBCA’s newest missionary. They will be traveling to various churches and finishing up the visa application process.

Monday, March 2nd:

Under the blessing of God upon 10 years of labor, Oliviér Favré has seen the churches in Payerne and Neuchatel, Switzerland established with pastors and saints in each place ready to carry the works forward. Olivier is now looking to the Lord to leave and move to Mulhouse, France to help another church. Please pray for these two churches in Switzerland as they move forward without Oliviér Favré.

Tuesday, March 3rd:

From February to April David Vaughn is teaching on the Spiritual Disciplines at the John Calvin Seminary in Aix-en-Provence. Pray for the Lord’s blessing on his teaching and interaction with the students. This month David will be teaching on March 4 and 18.

Chaplain Josh Stoley has seen a sharp climb in those coming to him for counseling, 39 in the first 13 days of February. He praises the Lord for this as counseling is a perfect opportunity to open the Word and share the gospel with folks.

Wednesday, March 4th:

Two families from Montreal have come to embrace the Reformed Baptist faith and in February they started attending Église réformée baptiste de Montréal pastored by Daniel Durand.

Thursday, March 5th:

The church plant in Aix-en-Provence, France will be having a special evangelistic meeting. Church members will be giving invitations to unbelieving friends, acquaintances and people living in the neighborhood around the church. Please pray that many would come to the meeting and that the gospel would come with power to their hearts.

Friday, March 6th:

Prof. Jim Renihan requests prayer for men who have expressed a call to the ministry and expressed interest in becoming future students at IRBS. Ask the Lord to give them clear direction for their future service.

Saturday, March 7th:

During March an invitation is being sent to the pastors of the city of Zipaquirá, Colombia to attend a presentation of Reformed truth. Perhaps 15 will attend and they will receive a gift of Jerry Bridges book, Trusting God Even When Life Hurts. .

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