From the Pastors Desk…

“New Calvinism” is not the true Reformed Church, and should be strictly avoided. And no, it’s not because we are “mean” Calvinists, but are those who stand for the historic truth of the Gospel, and do not want to bring the world into the Church of Jesus Christ.

Though the Church is flawed and certainly can be better in many areas of life (and I truly mean that), it does not need a complete redo – much the same as when America’s health care system needed tweaking which could have been done much more easily – the radicals of our culture threw out the baby with the bathwater and have made a complete mess.

It also bothers me that as I read books by those who promote such thinking, every few pages reference is made to “religion”, the “church on the corner”, the “church that meets in the BIG white building with the steeple”, and it is a put down. I read a book titled “The Barbarian Way” by McManus, and others as well, and he constantly put down the church that my dad and many faithful men of God gave heart and soul to, as well as myself.

Get back in the historic church, help where needed to make it better, and stop making money off unsuspecting people through the purchase of your books. God has not left the church of history in the dark and all of a sudden opened up truth to those guys. The model for the NT Church is the Epistles of the NT, not Dr. Luke’s Acts, as helpful and inspired a history as that is.

We must hold fast the concept that the world’s entertainment and ideology should stay far away from the church. The church should change culture, not the culture dictate their ways to the church.

I do not mean this to be an argument here…but simply put, my heart is broken over these things. Thanks for being patient with me…I write this with tears, not with anger or looking for a fight.  🙂

“When the church is absolutely different from the world, she invariably attracts it.” ~Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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