Just a Thought…2/10/14

Just a Thought

One passage of Scripture people erroneously turn to for a pretext of their free will stance is found in I Peter 1:2 which states that God’s people are “…Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience.”

Now, this is a typical example of the general meaning of English words, compared to the exactness of the Greek language.  To us, “foreknowledge” has to do with knowing something that will happen in the future because of habit or one’s promise.  But here God does not look down the halls of time and “see which decision” a person will make, and then choose on that basis.  If God “chose” on that basis, would it really be a choice that God makes?  No, it would be man’s choice entirely, and would be of works that one is saved.

This particular “foreknowledge” has to do with God seeing “as His own”, the future of a person.  When Peter penned these words, he was simply saying that those who were dispersed were the Elect of God, not because of what they would decide, but simply because God chose them to be such from the beginning of time.  So, we might say that God “chose them as His own” based on nothing to do with them, but only because of His divine purpose.

Because of the fact that they were God’s elect (by His choice entirely), they were “bound” to sanctification and obedience.  That is the point of the greeting of this Epistle, isn’t it?  It was to be an encouragement that their conversion to Christ was God’s choice, the future was in His hands, and what could be more comforting than that?

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