How People are Benefited from New Life – Eph. 2.14-22 Pastor Jack Daniels 3/8/15

Two Lives Within a Life Part I – Eph. 2.11-13           Pastor Jack Daniels 3/1/15

God, in the Gospel of His Son – Eph. 2.1-10           Pastor Jack Daniels 2/22/15

Paul Prays for the Ephesian Church – Eph. 1.15-23 Pastor Jack Daniels 2/8/15

A Good Starting Place for the Apostle’s Letter Part II – Eph. 1.3-14 Pastor Jack Daniels 2/1/15

A Good Starting Place for the Apostle’s Letter Part I – Eph. 11.1-2 Pastor Jack Daniels 1/25/15

The Holy Scriptures Part II – II Tim. 3.10-17               Pastor Jack Daniels 1/18/15

The Holy Scriptures Part I – II Tim. 3.10-17                  Pastor Jack Daniels 1/11/15

Our Main Purpose                                                           Pastor Jack Daniels 12/28/14

From the shepherds viewpoint – Luke 2.8-21             Pastor Jack Daniels 12/14/14

Bethlehem a Place of Hope Micah 5.1-2                         Pastor Jack Daniels 12/7/14

Jesus born to die, words from the prophets Isaiah 53:1-9 Pastor Jack Daniels 11/30/14

National Day Of Thanksgiving – Psalm 21                   Pastor Jack Daniels 11/23/14

The conclusion – Ecc. 1.13-14                                          Pastor Jack Daniels 11/16/14

Solomon begins his conclusion – Ecc. 12.8-12               Pastor Jack Daniels 11/9/14

Joined together to PTL – I Cor. 12.12-31                        Pastor Jack Daniels 8/24/14

Began with great hope, but… Ecc.9.11-12                        Pastor Jack Daniels 8/3/14

Unexplained to us, known to God – Ecc. 9.1-6         Pastor Jack Daniels 7/27/2014

The Wealthy Fool – Luke 12.13-21                              Pastor Jack Daniels 7/20/2014

We will never figure it out – Ecc. 8.14-17                   Pastor Jack Daniels 7/13/2014

Sermon – Jesus and the Children – Mark 10.13-16    Pastor Jack Daniels 7/6/2014

All Events are Pre-determined – Ecc. 8.6-13           Pastor Jack Daniels 6/29/2014 

High Praise of the Wise – Ecc. 8.1-5                           Pastor Jack Daniels 6/22/2014

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