The King Presented                                                  Pastor Jack Daniels 4/13/14

The Tongue, It’s Power                                            Ross MacDonald 4/6/14

Repentance, a Gift from God                                  Scott Weirick 3/30/14

Use God’s Gifts With Care Ecc. 6                          Pastor Jack Daniels 3/23/14

We Exist to PTL – Psalm 115                                   Pastor Jack Daniels 3/16/14

Instead of Wanting More… Ecc. 5.18-20              Pastor Jack Daniels 3/9/14

How Will You Finish II Timothy 46-8                   Pastor Jack Daniels 3/2/14

Message to Deacons                                                  Pastor Jack Daniels 2/23/14

Pondering the Brevity of Life (Part 2) Psalm 39  Pastor Jack Daniels 2/16/14

Pondering the Brevity of Life (Part 1) Psalm 39   Pastor Jack Daniels 2/9/14

Money and Things Ecc.4.9-20                                  Pastor Jack Daniels 2/2/14

Praise to the Almighty Psalm 29                             Pastor Jack Daniels 1/26/14

Four Considerations for Life Ecclesiastes 5.4-8   Pastor Jack Daniels 1/19/14

Our duty to worship with care Ecc. 5.1-3               Pastor Jack Daniels 1/12/14

Be steadfast in the church II Tim. 2.19-26               Pastor Jack Daniels 1/5/14

Two relatives commiserate Lk. 1.39-45                 Pastor Jack Daniels 12/29/13

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